Consular Services

  • Issuance of diplomatic / official visas to diplomatic and official passport holders including the accreditation of foreign diplomats in South Africa
  • Assistance to South African citizens abroad viz.  (Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, Article 5):
    • Assist and render advice on emergency evacuation for SA citizens abroad as a result of natural or manmade disasters, political unrest and war.  No financial responsibility.
    • Regular meetings and communication with SA ex-pat community abroad
    • Addressing collective problems of the ex-pat community abroad, excluding private contractual obligations
    • Registration of all SA citizens abroad – through ROSA (Register of South Africans Abroad)
    • Implementation and management of warden systems
    • Support and non-financial assistance to rape victims, sick, injured and hospitalised SA citizens
    • Assist with transport arrangements of mortal remains of deceased SA citizens back to SA
    • Assistance and support to detained SA citizens, validity of charges, court hearings, visits to prisons, communication line to families, insurance that all SA citizens are always treated humanely, etc.
    • Determining whereabouts of missing, kidnapped and abducted citizens in liaison with SAPS and local authorities
    • Assist SA citizens in distress to find shelter if required, within regulations applying for financial assistance
    • Authentication of documents
    • Diplomatic and Official Visas



South African Police Services (SAPS): 

  • Assist and support defrauded SA citizens, reporting SCAMS and other fraudulent activities to SAPS, same with information on drug and human trafficking cases, assist SAPS, Interpol and Justice with investigations, obtain / exchange of information


Department of Justice and Correctional Services:

  • Extradition of fugitives
  • Estates and wills – handling of enquiries
  • Legal assistance and legal aid – handling of enquiries
  • Evidence on commission upon instruction
  • Service of Process (edictal citation, rogatory letters, maintenance orders)
  • Civil judgements
  • Notarial functions
  • Serving as Commissioner of Oaths

Authentication of Documents

  • These documents could be Powers of Attorney, Affidavits, Declarations etc.
  • The South African High Commission works strictly on an appointment basis. You will always be offered the first available appointment. Those with appointments are attended to between 11h00 until 14h00 daily during the lockdown period. Should you wish to make an appointment, please contact the High Commission on: (020) 7451 7299.
  • Should your matter be urgent and you cannot get an appointment in the time needed, you are advised to use the services of a UK Notary. This can be done in terms of Rule 63 2 (e) of the Rules of the High Court of South Africa. It is essential that you first speak to your South African lawyer before using the services of a Notary Public in the UK.
  • You will find a listing of Notaries in your local Yellow Pages/Business Directory. Should you have difficulty in locating a UK Notary the UK Notaries Society can be reached at:

The Secretary
The Notaries Society
23 New Street
IP12 1DN

Fax: 01394 383 7772