Invitation to service providers to submit 5-year property

management proposals for the management of the 6 Official

Residences of the South African High Commission situated in


CLOSING DATE: 11h00 on 20 October 2022


The High Commission of the Republic of South Africa to the United Kingdom wishes

to appoint a suitably qualified and experienced multi-disciplinary property

management service provider, to operate, maintain and manage the state-owned

residential properties for a period of 5 years.


The South African Government owns the properties that are used as residence for

the officials representing South Africa to the United Kingdom. The properties are

listed below:

1) South Africa House, Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5DP

2) Highveld, 71 Campden Hill Road, London, W8 7AG

3) 21 Cavendish Close, London, NW8 9JB

4) Flat 7, 24 Great Cumberland Place, London W1H 7DJ.

5) 51 Alexandra Park Road, London, N10 2DG

6) 20 Lower Merton Rise, London, W1H 7DJ

The High Commission of South Africa to the United Kingdom intends to maintain

these properties in a good, functional, and serviceable condition. To this end, the

South African High Commission wishes to appoint a service provider who will

provide property management services.


3.1 The High Commission shall provide to the successful service provider with access to

the properties as well as access to the relevant documentation that might assist

service provider to execute their duties.

3.2 All information and documentation provided to the service provider should be

treated as confidential and may not be shared with any person or entity not directly

responsible for the execution of this project.

3.3 All information and documentation prepared by the service provider shall become

the intellectual property of the High Commission of South Africa to the United



The appointed service provider will be required to assess and report on the condition of the

property and its building systems, develop a short, medium, and long term, costed,

maintenance plan, and implement preventative and corrective maintenance work as directed

by the Mission. The service provider/s shall be responsible for the following project scope:

4.1 Document Review and Interviews

4.1.1 Project manager must collect and review the available government record sources, public available documents, drawings

4.1.2 Assess reasonable time and costs

4.1.3 Conducts interviews with relevant role players

4.2 Objective of document reviews and interviews:

4.2.1 The service provider should carry out document review and interviews to achieve the following.

Understand the documents of the property.

Obtain additional information from relevant persons.

4.3 Walk-Through Survey

The service provider will be expected to carry out the walk-through survey with an aim of visually observing the subject property to obtain information on material systems and components and identify physical deficiencies and any unusual features.

The consultant is expected to document representative conditions with photographs and use reasonable efforts to document typical conditions present including material physical deficiencies. The inspection of the site should look at the following amongst others.

4.3.1 Topography:

Observe the general topography of the site and any unusual or problematic features or conditions.

4.3.2 Structural Frame and Building envelope:

Identify the primary building including parking structures on the subject property and type of the basic structure (steel, wood, cast-in place concrete, re-cast concrete, concrete block, etc.).

Further observe the building substructure including foundations systems (noting presence of cellars, basements, or crawl spaces), building structural frame (floor framing system, and roofing systems).

Building envelope including facades or curtain wall systems, glazing systems, exterior sealants, exterior balconies, doors, stairways, parapets, etc.

4.3.3 Roofing:

Identify and observe the material roof systems such as exposed membrane and flashings, including parapets, slope, drainage, etc. Check for evidence and or need for material repairs, evidence of significant ponding or evidence of reef leaks.

Inquire as to the age of material roofing systems and whether the warranty or bond is in effect.

4.3.4 Electrical:

Identify the electrical service provider and observe the electrical distribution systems including distribution panels, transformers, meters, emergency generators, general lighting systems and other such equipment or systems.

Observe general electrical items such as distribution panels, types of wiring, energy management systems, emergency power, lightning protection, etc.

Identify any observed or reported special or unusual electrical equipment, systems or devices present.

4.3.5 Plumbing:

Identify and observe the material plumbing systems including piping (for sanitary, storm and supply water) and fixtures, domestic hot water production and note any special or unusual plumbing systems.

4.3.6 Heating:

Identify the basic type of heat generating and distribution systems and apparent and reported age of the equipment, past material component replacement or upgrades and the apparent level of maintenance exercised.

If the heating systems is shutdown or not operational at the time of the survey and provide opinion of the condition to the extent observed. Observe any special or unusual heating systems or equipment present such as solar heat.

Identify in general terms reported material tenant-owned systems that are outside the scope of the Property Conditions Assessment (PCA).

4.3.7 Air conditioning and ventilation:

Identify basic type of air conditioning and ventilation systems including cooling towers, chillers, (including type of reported refrigeration used), package units, split systems, air handlers, thermal storage equipment, material distribution systems, etc.

Identify the apparent or reported age of the material equipment, past material component upgrades/replacements, apparent level of preventative maintenance exercised or whether a maintenance contract is reported to be in place

If air conditioning and ventilation systems were shut down or operational during walk through survey and provide opinion on the condition to the extent observable.

Identify any special or unusual air conditioning and ventilation systems or equipment such as refrigeration equipment for ice skating rinks, cold storage systems, special computer cooling equipment, etc.

Identify in general terms reported material tenant-owned systems that are outside the scope of PCA.

4.3.8 Vertical Transportation:

Identify the vertical transportation type, number of cabs/escalators, capacity, etc.

Observe elevator cabs, finishes, call and communication equipment, etc.

Identify whether maintenance contract is reported to be in place, and if so, identify the service contractor.

4.3.9 Life safety/Fire protection:

Identify and observe life safety and fire protection systems including sprinklers and standpipes (wet or dry, or both), fire hydrants, fire alarm systems, water storage, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, emergency lightning, stairwell pressurization, smoke evacuation, etc.

4.3.10 Interior elements:

Observe typical common areas including, but not limited to lobbies, corridors, assembly areas, and restrooms.

Identify and observe typical finishes, i.e., flooring, ceilings, walls, etc. and material building amenities or special features, i.e., spas, fountains, clubs, shops, restaurants, etc.

4.3.11 Storm water drainage:

Observe storm water collection and drainage systems and note presence of on-site surfers’ waters, and retention and detention basins.

4.3.12 Ingress and egress:

Observe the major means of ingress and egress.

4.3.13 Paving, curbing, and Parking:

Observe the material paving and curbing systems.

Identify the types of parking, i.e., garage, surface, subsurface, etc., number and type of parking and loading spaces, and any reported parking inadequacies.

4.3.14 Landscaping and appurtenances:

Observe landscaping (trees, shrubs, lawns, fences, retaining walls, etc.) and material site appurtenances (irrigation systems, fountains, lighting, signage, ponds, etc.)

4.3.15 Special utility systems:

Identify the presence of any material special on-site utility systems, special power generation systems, etc.

Identify, if available, material systems information such as system type, manufacturer, systems capacity, systems age, systems operator, etc.

4.3.16 Additional considerations:

The professionals should also focus on the following additional issues that may not be necessary be part of the scope but still important to the user for complete property assessment.

i. Seismic considerations: relating geological surveying methods involving vibration

ii. Design considerations: (hurricane, tornadoes, high winds, floods, snow, etc.

iii. Insects/Rodents infestation:

iv. Environment consideration, i.e., R22 gas

v. Asbestos and any other hazardous elements:

vi. Mould:

vii. Indoor air quality:

viii. Property Security Systems:

4.4 Objective of walk-through survey:

4.4.1 Identify full set of material physical deficiency of the subject property

4.5 Preparation of opinions of costs to remedy the physical deficiency

4.5.1 The service provider will be expected to provide opinions of cost to remedy the material

physical deficiency observed. These will be used to give a general understanding of the

physical conditions of the subject property.

4.5.2 The opinion of cost should include approximate quantities, units, and unit costs per line item.

4.6 Objective of 3.5:

4.7 Draft Opinion of cost/bill of quantities

4.8 Building and Facilities Maintenance

The service provider shall operate and manage the building as follows:

Inspection and maintenance of all building fabrics, structures and envelop, including roof waterproofing and damp proofing (Where applicable)

Operation and maintenance of all mechanical installations including HVAC,

Fire suppression systems, the maintenance of lifts, generator, and UPS.

Inspection and maintenance of all civil and wet services including water reticulation and supply of cold/hot water systems, wastewater, and drainage systems

The service provider will develop a planned maintenance priority programme for the building over the next 3 years that will inform planning and funding by

Head of Missions.

4.9 Reporting

a. Condition assessment report

The service provide is expected to provide a condition assessment report which is costed indicating preventative and corrective maintenance activities to be undertaken on the building and its systems to ensure full functionality.

The report should include an indication of the utilization and efficiency level of the building and its systems.

The service provider should make recommendations on facilities management activities that must be executed in order of priority to ensure that the building

supports service delivery and is complaint to occupational health and safety regulations.

b. Period reports

Outside the weekly and monthly regular preventative maintenance, the service provider will be expected to conduct a quarterly review of the maintenance requirements of the property and provide quarterly reports to the Permanent Mission.

On an annual basis the service provider shall perform an annual building inspection and report on the following building element using the annual building checklist to be developed and agreed with the Head of Mission.:

Building fabric, internal and external structures and infrastructure, the structure of its components

Ground, parking, and walkways

Electrical service and distribution

Electrical auxiliary and standby power

Energy systems

Airconditioning and ventilation systems

Water supply and drainage

Environmental equipment and systems

Environmental Health and Safety Audit (to ensure compliance with fire, safety, and other relevant regulations)

Daily operations

The service provider shall operate the building systems and equipment and co-ordinate day to day operational activities with the Head of Mission as required.

The service provider shall as required operate the building during working hours, and sometimes on weekends and holidays if there is an emergency to be addressed.

6 Health and Safety requirements

The appointed service provider shall ensure that the building is managed so that they provide safe and healthy work environments in accordance with relevant Local Authority Bylaws.

7 Professional standards

All work undertaken by the service provider shall be in accordance with the minimum requirements of relevant legislation, good industry practice, to appropriate professional and technical standards and comply with requirements of the appropriate professional bodies including guide notes and codes of practice where applicable.

The service provider shall exercise all reasonable skill, care, and diligence in thedischarge of the duties required by the service agreement.

For the duration of the service level agreement the service provider shall provide sufficient trained personnel for proper performance of the obligations under the service level agreement.

8 Entering a property management Contract

a) The High Commission of South Africa to the United Kingdom will enter a Property Management contract with the successful service provider.

b) The Property Management contract will include terms for emergency and ad hoc maintenance work that the Mission will need.

8.1. Property Conditions Report

The service provider must prepare and submit the Property conditions report in an acceptable format. The proposed writing protocols should include.

a. Suggested remedy

b. Significance of the physical deficiency

c. Disclosure of the information source

d. Representative description and observed conditions

e. Documents

f. Credentials

g. Executive summary

General Descriptions

General physical conditions Short. Medium and long term costed maintenance and refurbishment plan

Consultant relationship


Purpose and scope


Walkthrough survey

Document Review and interviews

Additional considerations

Opinions of cost


Limiting conditions



The bid will be evaluated in two phases (i.e., Phase 1 and 2) as follows:

9.1 Phase 1: Responsiveness Criteria

The minimum requirements that must be met by prospective bidders in order to pass to the next stage of the evaluation process: Requirements

A copy of company registration and company profile.

A detailed quotation which will itemize all costs on services offered by means of the specification submission of all documents to be in English only


All prospective bidders must avail themselves for a compulsory on site briefing at the Official Residence located at the properties in paragraph 2. Non-attendance of the briefing will invalidate a bid/tender submitted.

Kindly confirm attendance with Mr Sello Makgabo, Corporate Service Manager, South African High Commission to the United Kingdom, using the following email address:

4.2 Phase 2: Functionality Evaluation criteria.

A panel shall evaluate all tenders received on the functionality criteria as reflected below. A bidder that scores less than seventy percent (70%) in respect of “functionality” shall be regarded as submitting a non-responsive bid and shall be disqualified.

Criteria Weight

1. Previous experience of the last three property/facilities management contract done in the last five (5) years with similar or bigger project scope.

Create a table as below:

Client Project


Project description

Date commenced

Project value

Date completed

Contact person

Contact Number

Matrix: 5 years + 3 references = 1

6 years + 4 references = 2

7 years + 5 references = 3

8 years + 6 references = 4

9 + years + 7 references = 5


2. An estimated project program reflecting realistic timeframes for the above works must be provided, as well as an indication of the impact the works will have on the Embassy during assessment. The property management plan from appointment date (including delivery date for the required parts) must be clearly stated

from quotation approval to close out.

1 Months = 5

2 Months = 4

3 Months = 3

4 Months = 2

5 Months = 1


3. Provide a CV of a Project Manager with a minimum of 5 years relevant experience and relevant qualifications.


Total 100


4.1 All enquiries may be directed to the High Commissions Administration on the following contact details.

Tel: 0207 451 7256



4.2 Prospective service provider/s should submit their quotations in a sealed envelope with the details of the specific request on the outside of the envelope to:

High Commission of the Republic of South Africa to the United Kingdom

South Africa House

Trafalgar Square



4.3 Submissions should be hand delivered/emailed to the above-mentioned addresses on or before 11:00 on the closing date as indicated to be 20 October 2022

4.4 Prospective service provider/s suppliers are encouraged to submit their quotations before the closing date and time, as late submissions will not be accepted.